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Winona coca-cola bottling company

Winona Coca-Cola Bottling Company provides the greater Winona community with a handful of beverage services. They were in need of a more professional website that payed homage to how long they have been around but also had a modern edge. This was a project that I worked alongside Wretched. The client ended up choosing our direction, you can view the almost completed website here: http://new.winonacocacola.com/home/



For this project the client wasn’t looking to have an e-commerce setup for selling their products. However, their current product listing was only accessible as a downloadable excel spreadsheet that was difficult to navigate and impossible for mobile users to see. Our solution was to build out a searchable library of their hundreds of products and make it easy for the client to manage once the website was live.

From the website analytics we were provided and after speaking with Winona Coca-Cola customers we learned that there was lots of activity in their “contact us” form. But customers were unsure if this form was an appropriate place to pose questions about invoices or sponsorship opportunities. To fix this we built out advanced forms that had questionnaires to better fit customer needs and ease communication.